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Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT
Welcome to DragonBallGT.org!

We were formerly known as Dranet, or Dragon Ball Z Network!  This website serves as an archive of all the Dragon Ball Z history collected since 1999. We have the most original content, information and images out, of any Dragon Ball Z fan site in existence today!

  • 250+ Informational Pages
  • 5,000+ Photos and Images
  • 500 Megabytes of Content
  • Over Half a Decade of Dedication and Hard Work
  • One Heck of a Dragon Ball Z and GT Fansite!

DragonBallGT.org Trivia
1. DragonBallGT.org used to be Dranet.com, until the domain name expired in 2010.

2. We used the domain name Dranet.com from 2002 to 2010. It used to run off a website support's subdomain from 1999 to 2002.

3. FUNimation used to ship us Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and other DVDs and video games to review before it was available to the public. We would have the latest reviews before any other website! 4. In 2005, we the 1st and 2nd result on Google for the term "Budokia 3".

5. We had a stronger online presence during 2005 than Coca Cola!  Compare between Dranet and the official Coca Cola website!

6. On October 17, 2004, ImageShack banned Dranet because the traffic we were consuming were killing their servers.

7. The webmaster of this built his first website using HTML in fourth grade, at age 9.

Dranet Premiered on Atari Buu's Fury
Dranet Linked on Budokai 3 iGuide

In 2005, DragonBallGT.org, or Dranet at the time, was one of the most prominent Dragon Ball Z and GT information sources topping over 10,000 visitors per day. Our website received information from FUNimation and Atari's publicists directly before anybody else, providing quality information and news that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet during the time. The legacy still remains today as a digital landmark in Dragon Ball Z & GT history.

Message From Webmaster

I grew up in Los Angeles and throughout my childhood, I enjoyed watching Dragon Ball Z and creating websites.  When I first started, I saw the big sites DBMXL.com, DBGT.com, receiving five figure unique daily visitors in traffic, and I wanted to become like them.  At the time I just wanted to make it BIG and put 100% of my efforts into the website.  In 2005, after 6 years of hard work, DragonBallGT.org, formerly Dranet, became one of the largest Dragon Ball Z sites on the Internet.  It had an international audience ranging from the United States and Europe to Asia and Australia.

Having the privilege of working together with the publicists of FUNimation and Atari, at a young age, helped develop my business savvy early on. Having to learn Perl, PHP and MySQL to create this website, at a young age, forged the foundation of my technical skills. Running this website for more than half a decade, communicating with the thousands of fans, forging affiliate alliances, and seeing the progression of this website gave me a sense of foresight—grand strategy.

I would not be where I am today, had not been for this website and the experiences it has brought to me.


Yan Huang
Founder and Webmaster